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Feminine Practices of Authentic Leadership is a course designed for women who are self-aware, accomplished leaders to help them uncover and apply more feminine leadership patterns. This course guides women to explore their core values and how to embed your values into their daily, professionally interactions.

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I am an educator, recovering overachiever, micro-course developer, and a leader who loves to talk. I feel excitement and passion when I am sharing content and creating activities to witness women shift into their “sweet spot” and make themselves a priority.

I blend my knowledge of learning styles, research, and behavioral intervention strategies to educate and empower women to embrace work as a means to living a full and satisfying life. 

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The HappiOur Podcast with Dr. J. Denee’ is a space for the self-aware, accomplished woman and leader, professionally or personally, to connect, learn, and grow fueled by her feminine juice. Listen in to hear strategies and processes from Dr. J. Denee’ and other experts to begin working to live a full and satisfying life, while amplifying your leadership effectiveness.   


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BukBagz are the perfect companions for books and journals. It fits two books, an ipad, and has slots for ink pens. It is convenient for traveling, preventing page bends and tears.

Download my  FREE Guide: "Five Steps to Leading Your Life, Your Way". This PDF guide focuses on self awareness, emotional maintenance, personal care, setting healthy boundaries and more!

Journey Beyond the Trauma shares the impacts of abuse and offers simple, yet, practical strategies and information to help survivors reclaim and restore their lives.


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My goal is to help Leading Ladies understand and tap into their feminine authenticity and to lead using that energy.