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Updated: Jul 31, 2019

Femasculation is not yet defined in dictionaries or thought of socially. However, the word, femasculation, #femasculation, must permeate society with the same intensity and rigor as #metoomovement.

The counter word to femasculation and emasculation, which I am sure we are more familiar. Emasculation refers to the weakening or castrating of men, which is a problem that needs addressing. However, the time has come to acknowledge the lack of arousal or stimulation that is socially reflected for women in homes and the workplace, which is in essence, femasculation? Just as emasculation occurs in and outside of the home, so does femasculation at more alarming rates without the intervention of a simple thought to its existence nor its impact.

Even as women are equally credentialed and productive as leaders and visionaries, we are still faced with an illusive existence that dampens our fire and aliveness at home and at work. The irony here is that women are so accustomed to managing the impacts of femasculation to survive and thrive we have not yet begun to push back because it is subtle and culturally infused; thus normalized. Women are accustomed to moving beyond the incidents of femasculation and to focus on "what matters". But what matters is that women should not have to fight for the same respect and value in the workplace or the home. Women should not have to endure the unbounded, juvenile, oversexualized patterns of men in the workplace or the home. These are acts that deplete the vitality and retard the awakening of women.

As always, the power to change these patterns of femasculation and others rest in the hands of the leading ladies across the world. As leaders in our own lives first, we have to begin to open our eyes to see and recognize acts of #femasculation and address them. Anything else depletes our ability to serve within our greatest feminine capacity, thus even the men who we love so much will suffer along with our families and those within the organizations where we lead.

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